Like Tricks are to Magic, Techniques are to Painting

Often, there are a few myths about art that i often come across. Be it drawing, painting, sketching or any form of art. To list the most common ones:

  • Art is a difficult affair.
  • One needs to be good at it to draw or paint. 
  • One needs to be patient. 
  • Art needs a lot of time.
  • Art is about perfection. 

All these are literally myths.

Like tricks are to magic, techniques are to painting. The more tricks you know, the more you can innovate and more magical experiences you can create. 

Painting doesn’t always need a lot of time. Its not always tough. Infact, it can relax one and destress one from the daily chaos that one deals with.

Art is not about perfect things, perfect scene; its about the perfection in imperfections. 

Once you come across the techniques that simplify the task of painting and experience it, is when you will really realise the hidden artist in you. 

Stay tuned for my next blog, where i decode the techniques and unveil the easy art therapy for you. 

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